Prosim Kimya has founded in 1997 in Turkey, today Prosim Kimya is active with 3 warehouse and 2 manufacturing facilities and a head office in Istanbul Turkey. Beside our sales in Turkey, we have also developed successful business cooperation in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and CIS countries.

With our hardworking engineering sales team we serve to below industries;
Paint Powder Coating Composite
Plastics Graphic Art Construction Chemicals
Ceramics Packaging  

With the growth of our business and our successful results, in 2006 we found a manufacturing JV company with Reichhold (; unsaturated and saturated polyester and resin  manufacturer, one of the market leaders globally.


Reichhold Turkey today is the only foreign investment in polyester resin industry in Turkey. Although, it has been considerably short time, in last 2 years we have invested in our plant to triple the capacity to be able to justify our customers’ demands today and in coming years.

We control 40k tons sales in our territories, exceeding 90MM $ annual sales.

The products in Prosim company portfolio are manufactured by the best available technologies in the world and all these products served to our customers by Prosim experienced sales team for the most effective applications. Prosim, together with his supplier partners, has a very wide range of product portfolio that enables customers to be able to find proper solutions in their innovative projects. Because, we love chemistry, we continuously search for new products and new applications that are attracting our customers’ interest.

PCC- Precipitated CaCO3
Hitox – colored TiO2 pigment,
Zirconium Silicate,
Alumina Balls,

Acrylic Coating Resins,
Epoxy Ester,
Saturated Powder Coating Polyester Resin,

Matting Agents,

Powder Coating Additives,
TGIC hardeners for Powder Coating,
Primid Hardeners for Powder Coating,

Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Composite,
Flame Retardant Polyester Resin
VE resin,
Gel Coat,
Mould Resin,

PE- Cable Jacketing Compounds

Glass Fibre,
Chopped Strand Mat,
Chopped Strand Glass Fibres for Plastic,
Multi Axial Glass Fibre Fabric,
Core Material,
Corrugated Board resin (Moist Resistant)

Organic Pigments,
Lead, Molybdenum Pigments,
Metallic Pigments,
Vacuum Metalized Pigments,
Intumescent Pigments,
Carbon Black,

HPMC – hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ,
CMC - Carboxymethyl cellulose ,
CMS – Carboxymethyl starch,
Redispersible Polymer Powder for construction industry,
Ligno Sulphanate,
Melamine Sulphanate,

Antimony Trioxide,
APP – Ammonium Polyphosphate,
MC – Melamine Cyanurate,
Halogenated and Halogen free Flame Retardants,
Zinc Borate,
UV and Anti-oxidant Additives,

PE valve Bag,
Stretch Hood Film,
FFS bag,
Aluminium coated PE bag,
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