Company Motto; 
  Running our business;
  To ourselves,
  To environment,
  To our customers,
  To our business partners,

All Prosim team agrees that; Our business is a educating and excavating daily delightful work fun for our team members.


It is a consensus that, Turkey soon will be the industrial manufacturing territory and trade hub in neighbourhood continents, as one of the leading chemical trading and manufacturing company in Turkey, we would like to prepare Prosim to be able to penetrate our activities in these territories, while understanding the value that is given to us, gathered by the support of our customers and our business partners.


As being a fast growing company, we would like to keep our position as a key player in the selected markets while, developing successful business operations in Turkey and in the target markets while creating value for our team and as well as our partners in an enjoyable business environment. Our aim is precisely determining our customers’ needs in order to satisfy and exceed their expectations. We will continually strengthen our competitive position through ongoing improvements in our product profile, sales and service capabilities and market focus.


World leader partners; beside our business partners do have cost effective and innovative new technology products; they do also teach us the method of effective work. We are very lucky to be able to sort out the best functioning methods from our partners.

Team; Prosim has young dynamic hard working, experienced team and all Prosim members are dedicated to their responsibilities for mutual success. Our all sales team is constituted of chemical engineer back grounded well trained trustful people.

Customers; We are very proud to serve such customer portfolio that motivates us to work harder for better results. Our delightful relations with our customers are the architect our enjoyable business life. We believe in transparent, bi-directional supportive long term collaborations are the basis for a successful sustainable business growth.

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