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Our Mission

To produce and trade in the highest quality, safest, most efficient way according to the needs of the sectors we serve with an efficient and value-creating organization; Maintaining our national values and keeping the human and environmental values of our country at the top;

Our Vision

To take a leading position in the international market by creating a smart structure that can compete with the rivals of our production facilities all over the world in terms of technology and efficiency.

Our Quality Policy

  • To present our products in a quality that will meet the needs and expectations of our customers, by using resources efficiently,
  • As Prosim Kimya, to provide services to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders with the participation and effort of all our employees,
  • To ensure standardization in quality,
  • To offer new products by constantly following the technological developments and innovations,
  • Encouraging creativity and supporting their knowledge with training in all areas,
  • Increasing quality awareness, keeping all managers and employees responsible for quality and efficiency in all areas,
  • To comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to ensure improvement by taking into account the environmental factors and safety rules,
  • To be a pioneer in the sector with products that comply with international and national standards by keeping our quality standards at the highest level and fulfilling legal requirements,
  • To raise the satisfaction of both our employees and beneficiaries to the highest level within the framework of the legislation,
  • To ensure that our employees receive trainings that improve the quality of the products and improve their personal skills,
  • To ensure that customer needs are met in accordance with applicable primary and secondary legislation requirements,
  • To increase customer satisfaction with risks and opportunities that may affect product presentation and suitability,
  • To increase and sustain customer satisfaction,
  • Achieving the total quality in the most economical, fastest and shortest way, gaining the trust of all segments, and maintaining and improving it is our most important duty.

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