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Prosim Kimya is authorized representative of more than 40 world-leading international companies in Turkey as one of the largest raw material suppliers of wet coatings, powder coatings, ink, engineering plastics, plastic masterbatch, composite, cosmetics, building chemicals industries, it has been operating since 1997.

Prosim Kimya also has sales representation rights of these companies in Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic an the Middle Eastern countries. It carries on its export activities with export trade and warehouse sales to these countries.

We can list the prominent features of Prosim Kimya regarding the supply network as follows:

  • We are the largest supplier in flame retardants of engineering plastics applications in Turkey.
  • We are the largest supplier of silica matting agents in the coatings industry.
  • We are Turkey's one of the largest supplier in epoxy resin in the coatings industry.
  • We are the largest supplier of high performance pigment used in coatings, plastic masterbatch and carpet yarn production.
  • In accordance with the coil dye industry; we are supplier of melamine resin, polyester resin, dispersing agent, matting agent and pigments.
  • We are one of the largest supplier of talc, glass fiber, strength increasing additive and wax in engineering plastics and TPE applications.

Continuing to work in a disciplined manner to produce the most efficient solutions for its customers with its team of more than 100 young, well-educated and passionate employees, Prosim continues to grow with long-term and healthy business partnerships.

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