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Engineering Plastics

As Prosim Kimya, we are always with you for the needs and development of the sector with our leading business partners and technical sales team. In this direction, we aim to rise together by providing both commercial and technical support for the following product groups.

  • Halogen and halogen free flame retardants, products like APP and MC
  • Antimony flame retardant and antimony catalyst,
  • Flame retardants with bromine,
  • Functional filling minerals (talc & wollastonite),
  • Antioxidants & UV absorber,
  • Peroxide group,
  • Harmonizers, PP & PA-PE Glass Fiber,
  • Micro sphere & weight reducing polymeric sphere product group,
  • Packaging and packaging solutions such as stretch hood, PE bag, Alu bag and FFS film

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