As one of the largest pigment suppliers in the industry, we provide technical support and supply services to our customers for use in printing ink applications for various printing techniques. We are your solution partner in areas such as epoxy resin, melamine resin, polyester resins for use in micronized wax and silica matting agents, UV inks and metal packaging systems, which will provide excellent wear and scratch resistance, one of the most innovative manufacturers in this field in Europe.

  • Organic and inorganic pigments
  • Matting agents
  • Micronized waxes
  • Talc
  • Melamine resins
  • Metallic pigments
  • Defoamers
  • Adhesion promoting agents
  • Epoxy acrylate
  • UV monomers
  • Photoinitiators
  • Wax Emulsions & Dispersions
  • Epoxy Resins
  • Polyester Resins

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