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Plastic Masterbatch

We provide you raw material supply with our competent suppliers and technical support for the production of all kinds of masterbatches, especially polyethylene and polypropylene systems. We offer solutions that make a difference in your industry with our special wax products that enable the extruder to work in optimum conditions and thus save energy together with much easier mixing of pigments that are difficult to disperse under normal conditions.

With our representation, one of the largest pigment manufacturers in the world, we meet all your color needs with our high color intensity, high gloss, high coverage or transparent products and our pigment options in accordance with global standards. In addition, we create solutions that will ensure the longevity of your polymer systems with our world-leading agency with antioxidant, UV stabilizer and UV Absorber product portfolio.

  • High temperature resistant organic and inorganic pigments
  • Uv Absorber and UV-AO Additives
  • Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester waxes
  • Metallic pigments
  • PP Micronized wax
  • Polymer beads

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